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How to buy inexpensive camping equipment (2)

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In the first part, we have mentioned how to choose best cheap tents for camping, air mattress or sleeping bag with reasonable price. In this part, we will continue with how to save money when buying other camping equipment such as cooker, dinnerware, electricity, etc

Cooker – Cooking on the camping

Of course, you can choose to take each day what to eat, but camping is not cheaper. So it’s smart to carry a stove. The simplest is a one-burner stove. These depend on where you buy them all for about 15 euro for sale. It is better not to buy gas vans from a camping store, but at a hardware store, they are often much cheaper there. Also, some other shops have these vans for sale for much less money.

To cook with your stove, you obviously need pans and some utensils. The cheapest is to take it from home. You should take your pots as they do not take much space. If you do not want that, you can consider buying a camping cookware. These are for sale in various price ranges, but especially in the larger camping affairs are often very affordable kits for sale.

Dinnerware – Plastic is more practical

Of course you also have plates, cups and utensils needed. You can take it from home but breakable crockery with camping is not always convenient. At most camping stores, you can buy sets with sturdy plastic plates and cups, but very expensive.

Of course, you can opt for thin plastic disposable plates, cups and cutlery, but usually eats and drinks this is not really nice. In addition, you may wonder if this will eventually be so cheap, it also takes quite a lot of space and lots of waste. Usually, you had better choose some cheap sets of hard plastic that you can reuse. However, take a moment stuff to wash off at the campsite!

Cable for electricity

When you need electricity on the site, then you should carry a cable with a plug. This must be a water-resistant cable. In your tent, you’ll probably also want to have a junction box so that you can connect on several things.
It usually is not very much difference where you buy it, although you will then be at a small camping and junction boxes you can buy the best at a cheap store or a hardware store in a big camping in general.

Icebox – Pleasant luxury

Coolers are not essential, but can be quite useful. You have regular coolers, temporary things which you can keep cool using frozen ice packs. These are the most inexpensive to buy, but less suitable for a long period of time to keep things cool. There are maybe somewhere you can freeze your ice packs again and not every site offers that possibility.
Electric coolers have a motor that allows continuous cooling in the refrigerator. Obviously here you have power for them. In addition, they are usually quite expensive, so you might not want to buy one if you do not know whether you stay camping for a long time or not. If you know which camp you go, see if there is a fridge for common use. Many campgrounds offer this option so that you can keep things without taking a cooler with.

When you buy a cooler, pay attention to whether it has a 220 volt or a 12 volt socket. With 12 volts, it is useful for traveling in the car, but to connect it to the campsite you will need an inverter.

Other stuff

The above things mentioned in the article are not packing list. Certainly there are still other things you could take. For example, a flashlight, a table lamp or a tank of water in the tent. You might also want to take a hammer or a (electric) whisk. It’s also up to you so it is no need to give a complete packing list here. There are numerous sites on the internet that can help you to prepare a packing list, you can often indicate that you are going camping and they give you plenty of ideas of what you may want to take. Also ask to acquaintances who often camping what you absolutely can not forget, or just stroll around a great camping for more inspiration. Keep it critically on the things you take with you, miss things is annoying, but the temptation may cost much.

General tips for cheap purchase of your camping gear

  • Great camping stores often have cheaper brands, this can save a lot.
  • Small camping stores are commensurate often more expensive and more expensive brands.
  • Let everyone know that you are planning to go camping, sometimes family and friends have camping gear they no longer use but are still fine and you can have that. Do check in advance whether they do it well! See if you can borrow your camping gear from friends, family or acquaintances.
  • Some camping gear you can buy good equipment via Marketplace. You can often buy more luxurious items like a good sleeping mat or sleeping bag for a more affordable price.
  • Out of the camping season, there are numbers of shops have sale off promotion. Think of the Action, Xenos, Bristol, Perry Sport and sometimes at Aldi and Lidl deals. For this, it’s best to keep the leaflets closely.


How to buy inexpensive camping equipment (1)

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Camping is a nice way of a holiday, it’s also relatively cheap, especially if you choose a smaller site with less luxury. Unfortunately, you do have a lot of stuff needed to camp and they all can cost much. Therefore, it is interesting to see what stuff you need and how you can get those things as cheap as possible.

What you usually need to camp:

Buy good cheap tents
Of course you can camp in a caravan or trailer, but when you first go camping, it is not something you can buy. Sometimes it is possible to rent a caravan at a campsite, but then you’re stuck with one camp (you can not roam) and often higher costs involved. The most likely is that you will have a tent. If you want to buy a cheap tent, you need to pay attention to water column value. The water column of some tents is 1000mm and that is really on the low side. You can opt for the natural values of 2000mm or higher.
There are also very cheap tents without a separate inner tent. A big disadvantage is that you quickly get short of condensation in your tent, so it’s more comfortable to choose a tent with an inner tent inside.

Cheap tents brand

There are hundreds tent brands in different price categories. Among them, Coleman tents are great for a novice camper who wants to buy the first tent. Coleman has an extensive collection of tents to make a success of any camping trip. Moreover, Coleman tents are known for very attractive prices.

Coleman Weekend 3: One of best cheap tents for camping. This tent is easy to set up and provides space for three person. It is ideal for a short trip or a weekend getaway!

Coleman – Bed Rock 2: The Coleman Bedrock is a quick build two-person lightweight hiking tent which is doing very well at a festival or a short camping trip. With only 2.5kg, this tent is not only very light for its size, its design, it is also very aerodynamic and wind-resistant.

Coleman Sunwall Door for Event Shelter
Walls Event shelters come in two versions and each in two sizes with no window or door) and with the window and door.

Air mattress or sleeping mat – Cheaper or warmer?
To sleep, you will need an air mattress or sleeping mat. An air mattress is thicker in order to lie on and is folded much smaller than a sleeping mat, in addition, the purchase is usually cheaper. A major disadvantage of an air mattress, however, is that it accelerates cold. Another disadvantage is that you always need to have a pump to inflate your air mattress.
Alternatively, a so-called “Self-inflating ‘sleeping mat. These are mats that are largely self-inflating, there is no pump is needed. They are much thinner than a mattress, but thanks to the material you have much less trouble with cold than an air mattress. You have these mats in different thicknesses from about 3 centimeters thick, and in most cases it is “the thicker the mat, the higher the price.” Of course, thicker often is more comfortable.
Of course, you can consider buying a foam mat. It is cheap and very light. It is thin and offers little sleeping comfort, and therefore perhaps less suited for the novice camper.

Sleeping bag – Beware of a too cold sleeping bag!

It’s best to bring a sleeping bag to sleep in. You can choose different models and thickness. Prices vary enormously. However, the sleeping bag is warm enough for you, very cheap and compact sleeping bags are usually so thin that they are, at best, very hot summer nights are comfortable. You can find cheap sleeping bags that many conditions are warm enough, but the packed size of the sleeping bag is usually larger.
Together with a sleeping bag, you also need a pillow. You can choose to carry your pillow from home, which is, of course, the cheapest option, but takes up a lot of space. You can also opt for an inflatable travel pillow or another. Try it first at home one night, nothing is more annoying than waking up with huge neck pain after your first night at the campsite.

Continue with part 2 in next article! The next article will talk about how to buy cooker, dinnerware and electricity with cheap price.



Camping: Which papers should take you on vacation?

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Along with camping tent and gear, there are many other things that you need to bring along. Among them is document and papers for travelling. It will just happen. You’re at the border with your car, ready for a great camping holiday. You show your passport, but to your horror it has expired! To prevent this kind of thing, it is useful in advance to thoroughly examine what paperwork you need to bring on holiday.

Documents and papers

Depending on the circumstances, you need for your trip several documents and papers. If you are traveling by car, caravan or camper, you should, of course take more documents than if you are traveling as a backpacker.

Tip: If you during the holidays lose your wallet or documents and papers, but it is so convenient as making copies or, better still, digital scans (eg on a USB stick, smartphone or online storage) of the most important documents with you. You should also make sure that you always have the most important telephone numbers at hand. Essential Documents and papers for traveling in any case the following:

Passport / ID

A passport, you should always take when you go on vacation. It is your access pass to all countries in the world. An identity card is also a possibility. Note that an identity card does not give you access to all countries. When a land is not on the back side of the ID card, it is necessary to purchase a passport.

Make sure in advance that your passport or ID card is not expired when you go on vacation. It takes time to lengthen to allow this. Sometimes you have still need a visa for a country. It is useful to check this well in advance.

Medical data / medical passport

In 2001 the medical passport is introduced in Europe. Such a passport is not mandatory but it can be very useful on vacation. Medical passport contains information about the medicines you are taking. It also contains information about the past, such as diseases or disorders. In an emergency situation can help you more quickly abroad. The European Medical Passport is available from their GP, pharmacy, medical specialists, municipal health services, patient and emergency medical services.

Vehicle Papers: registration certificate, driver’s license and MOT test certificate

When you use public roads, it is necessary to have a registration certificate with you. The following sections you should have with you: Proof Vehicle (vehicle registration certificate part I) and the ascription proof (registration certificate part II).
From September 1, 2003 are also all trailers, caravans and trailers weighing more than 750 kilograms required to have their own number plate and registration certificate. Make sure you also these papers with you and that you are applying for a registration number when it has not happened yet.

Also, ¬†you should always have your driving license with you. Both your vehicle registration and driver’s license must not be expired. Check this so timely.

Make sure the car is APK approved. Even abroad you must be able to show an MOT certificate. APK inspections in Europe are not yet recognized by all countries. Therefore, an MOT test should always be carried out in the country of origin. Probably will change in the future so that the MOT can also be done abroad.

Insurance papers

A car is needed when you travel abroad by car. It is, therefore, important to check that the car insurance you also offers coverage in the country where you are going. A trailer or caravan must also be insured. Falling under the liability insurance. Sometimes needs to close a separate insurance for the remaining costs. Always follow all insurance documents along, you’ll need them when you are involved in a collision or accident.

Reservation Paper
If you have reserved a campsite, it is necessary to bring your reservation documents. This way you can prove that you have set aside and that you’ve done any advance payments.

Technical Equipment

If you go ]camping, you probably will not know some electronic equipments and such items that are typically part of your daily life. Still, there are some devices that during a camping trip in good stead. This can include:

Batteries (for all relevant electronic devices)
GPS / navigation devices for vehicles
Television (plus include antenna and receiver DVBT)
Photographic equipment (plus camera, memory cards / rolls of film, accessories)
Chargers (for all to take batteries)
Mobile phones and accessories (charger / cable, waterproof case)
Notebook (plus adapter)
Radio / SSB (plus batteries or adapter)
Scart cable / connection cable for TV / manual
Video camera (plus batteries, storage, adapter)

Of course, the above list is not mandatory. It depends on your need. However, make sure to make a list before going. Wish you have a safe trip!